Hunting an Allosaurus can be hard. I am here to help you understand how to kill an Allosaurus before it kills you. #1. If you never hunted an Allosaourus before, make sure you are climb a mountain before you call the dinosaur. Then you can take out your gun and shoot. If you are good at aiming at a moving target, then use pistol. It takes about three shots from pistol to kill an Allosaurus.#2 If you are experience hunter and want to kill an Allosaurus on open ground, use pistol, rifle, or DB shotgun.#3 Never let an Allosaurus smell you on open ground. #4 I am an Expert Hunter and recommend double ammo. It helps a lot and doesn's cost ANYTHING.#5 Don't hunt an Allosaurus without radar. You will DIE. Happy Hunting!