Mosasaurus is an upcoming dinosaur in Carnivores: Dinosaur Shooter . Mosasaurus is an aquatic dinosaur that swim around oceans or far. The mosasaurus will jump out of water when threathened. Mosasaurus will kill the hunter if jumped. It can be in the next update along with Liopleurodon, Torosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Corythosaurus

Carnivores Dinosaur HunterEdit

Mosasaurus is an dangerous pointable aquatic animals in Carnivores Dinosaur Hunter. Mosasaurus is an aquatic dinosaur with the Liopleurodon, Plesiosaur and these Mosasaurus. 


  • Mosasaurus has these brief description; Extremely dangerous
  • Mosasaurus has the same appearance as Tylosaurus in Carnivores Cityscape